Actress Naomie Harris Alleges Unnamed Actor Groped Her During Audition

( Bond actress Naomie Harris alleged last week that a “huge star” once groped her during an audition while everyone in the room ignored it.

In an interview with the UK Sunday Mail’s “You” magazine, Harris described her only #MeToo experience. However, she refused to name the “huge actor” in question, only saying that he put his hand up her skirt while she was reading for a part.

Harris, who played Miss Moneypenny in the James Bond movie franchise, said it shocked her that neither the casting director nor the director who were present at the time said anything. She surmised they remained quiet because the actor is “such a huge star.”

Despite the incident, Naomie Harris does believe that things in the industry are improving. She recounted a “#MeToo incident” on a project she was working on where “there was no hesitation” to respond, adding that the man in question “was immediately removed.”

Harris has recounted her audition experience before. Earlier this year, she along with over 80 actors and industry professionals, signed an open letter accusing Hollywood of prejudice and discrimination toward disabled people.

In the interview, the British-born actress also discussed suffering from scoliosis, which she was diagnosed with when she was 11. At fifteen, she underwent surgery to repair the problem. She told the Mail that during the operation, her lung collapsed when they removed a rib. She said doctors had to cut through the muscles near her spine to insert the metal rod along her back. After her surgery, Harris said she had to learn to walk again.

While she described the ordeal as “a horrific experience,” Harris said she learned valuable life lessons from going through something so traumatic. She said it taught her that her health is “a very fragile gift” she should nurture which is why, at fifteen, she decided to do what she could to maintain her health. She avoided drugs, alcohol, and smoking “because I wouldn’t put anything toxic in my body.”