Actor Rescues Family From Home Invasion, Hailed for Heroism

A woman opens the lock with a key in winter. The girl gets home. A woman closes the door in the yard with a key. Metal door with security lock.

A hero has emerged in the wake of a recent house invasion, when a Boston actor famous for his work on “Kingdom” and “City on the Hill” came to the rescue of a frightened family.

In a real-life scenario that unfolded on Sunday night, Jonathan Tucker contacted the Los Angeles Police Department to report a suspicious individual who had entered a residence in his Hancock Park neighborhood.

A barefoot Tucker rushed inside the house when he saw the door open, rescued a “terrified” girl, and then returned to save a “frantic” mother and her newborn.

A Ring security camera recorded the incident around 6:30 p.m. 

The video shows a man approaching the front door of the house while talking with himself. He then opens the door and walks inside. The mom yells for her kids to get out of the house.

A neighbor’s text message alerting the homeowner to a man’s presence at the property. Earlier that day, the suspect had reportedly knocked on the doors of other neighbors. 

In addition to his role as a Brinks truck robber in “City on the Hill”—which took place in Boston’s Charlestown section—Tucker had an appearance in HBO’s “Westworld.” The character he portrayed in “Kingdom” was a mixed martial arts fighter.

As yelling and mayhem broke out, Tucker stormed inside the house.

As Tucker escorted one of the girls out of the residence, footage from another surveillance camera showed a neighbor rushing over to provide additional assistance.

A short standoff between the LAPD and the suspect resolved the volatile scenario. He was reportedly discovered in a cupboard by the officers. No problems arose during his arrest.

The suspect seemed mentally ill, according to victims who operate a mental health institution.

The humble actor said that the members of the Los Angeles Police Department are the true heroes.