Accuser’s “Torture” Claims Suddenly Take On A New Light

( Sam Brinton, the now-disgraced ex-deputy assistant secretary of the Department of Energy, once claimed that he had to endure conversion therapy “torture,” according to Just the News. The claim made the supposed gender-fluid “non-binary drag queen” an international celebrity who would go on to become a high-ranking official in the federal government.

The torture narrative might reportedly be crumbling after Brinton allegedly stole women’s luggage in two airports. Only one LGBTQ group had questioned his torture story at the time, but now the disgraced official and gender trailblazer is reportedly facing public scrutiny in the vein of Jussie Smollett, who is serving prison time for a hate crime hoax, and former University of Virginia student “Jackie,” who lied about a gang rape story resulting in Rolling Stone paying millions in defamation lawsuits.

Brinton first reportedly shared his torture story in a video series from 2010. He alleged that he and his family lived in a “missionary camp” in Florida and was sent to the emergency room several times after his father had beat him when he admitted that he was attracted to a male friend.

He claimed that his parents moved to physical therapy where he would be tied up and “blocks of ice” were placed on his hands while he was shown pictures of men holding hands. The abuse was supposed to associate pain with his attraction for men and, according to Brinton, it worked very well because he could not even hug his father without screaming.

Since June, the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) took down Brinton’s name from the “#BornPerfect” leaders’ testimony at the United Nations in 2014. Republican Sen. John Barrasso also demanded that the Department of Energy launch an investigation into its security clearance process after was fired.

Brinton stated that he was the “first gender fluid person in federal government leadership” despite reportedly using “he/him” pronouns at least through 2017.