Account Set Up To Harass White Staffers In D.C.

( A new racist Instagram account designed to racially insult and harass white staffers working on Capitol Hill has gone viral, posting vile memes that mock white people.

The “Dear WhiteStaffers” account was set up in January of 2020, achieving mere dozens of likes on its first post. Fast forward one year, however, and the account has substantially more followers and likes…because it started posting photographs of white staffers in D.C. to mock and deride them.

The Washington Examiner revealed the extent of the social media harassment campaign, which apparently started with a photograph of Colorado Senator Michael Bennett and his team of white staff. The photograph was shared in the form of a screenshot of a tweet, and contained disparaging comments underneath.

“Lol how come all these hill staffers act and dress like they are 43 years old and act like they own their parents vacation homes on Cape Cod,’ the caption under the photograph read.

After the post went viral, the owner of the account started going further, sharing photographs from inside the Capitol building and then posting “stories” from followers of the page who claim to work as staffers in D.C. It would even post polls asking people to decide how many staffers in D.C. rely on food stamps to get by.

Now with tens of thousands of followers, the racist account has drawn the attention of the media.

When far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked about the disturbing account, which is potentially putting white Republicans (and Democrats) in danger of attack by Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists, she shrugged off the journalist.

“Madame Speaker, there’s a new Instagram account called Dear White Staffers collecting troubling accounts…” the journalist started.

It prompted Pelosi to shrug the journalist off with a brush of her hand.

“If you’ve got something extraneous, I’m happy to get to it,” she said, before asking for another question.

If a racist account targeting Black staffers in D.C. was established, don’t you think Pelosi would have something to say about it?