Abortion Fight Has Given Kamala Harris A New Role

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Vice President Kamala Harris has been given a new assignment, one that has apparently suits her better than her failure in the role of solving the “root causes” of illegal immigration, according to New York Magazine.

Harris is reportedly in the shadow of an unpopular president. Biden is struggling to motivate even those within his own party, who are expressing their reservations at supporting him should be run for another term in 2024, a decision that the White House has already confirmed. Democrats are concerned about the president’s mental health, as his innumerous gaffes may indicate a larger cognitive decline.

Harris’s first assignment was the visit Central America to solve the root causes of immigration—a seemingly failed goal to begin with, as the administration took painstaking effort to reverse the former president’s immigration policies that sent illegal immigration on a declining slope. After Biden took office, illegal immigration began to skyrocket, with the border patrol encountering more migrants and human trafficking.

But Harris is on a new assignment as Biden’s “chief champion of abortion rights.” The move comes after the Supreme Court overturned the landmark Roe v. Wade in the case Dobbs v. Jackson. The Court held that abortion was not a constitutional right and that it was not supported by this nation’s history or tradition. The decision effectively brought the issue of abortion back to the states which are already beginning to enact their laws against the act.

Those most affected by the ban on abortion in red states, according to the magazine, are minorities like Harris who are black and Asian, like Harris herself. The issue offers Harris a national megaphone, allowing her to currently reach an audience that the failed lackluster presidential candidate was unable to reach in 2020. Harris could therefore be boosted if abortion turns out to be a significant issue that voters are concerned about come this 2022 and even 2024. The vice president will be propped up as a champion of abortion rights and help cultivate her deadened image.

Biden is near 80 years old and Democrats are not favorable on airing their support for him just yet. But even if he did not run, Harris is not the obvious 2024 candidate, as she may be likely to face a host of other Democrats in the primaries given her unpopularity