A Young Investigator Has Reportedly Tracked Down Mark Zuckerberg’s Plane

(FreedomBeacon.com)- The clever young gentleman who attracted Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s notice by tracking his private jet said this week that he had discovered another tech billionaire’s personal plane: Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Last month, University of Central Florida student Jack Sweeney tweeted that the first plane monitored on his @ZuccJet account was not Mark’s anymore. However, by this week, Sweeney claimed to have found a new plane linked to Zuckerberg and had reprogrammed the tracking account, according to reports.
Sweeney tweeted on his social media account that he was positive it was Zuckerberg’s jet. He claimed he tracked down the aircraft and posted a picture of it, and he stated that several excursions suggested that it belonged to him.
Sweeney automates Twitter accounts that follow the movements of private planes. He tracks jets owned or used by various prominent public people, including Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, using publicly accessible flight data. According to online reports, Sweeney set up an account tracking superyachts tied to notable billionaires after the Russia-Ukraine crisis began.
Sweeney’s social media shows the @ZuccJet account has a bit more than 7,000 followers. Jack Sweeney’s most popular account, which tracks Elon Musk’s aircraft (@ElonJet), has over 400,000 followers.

Sweeney’s critics, including Musk, have claimed that the accounts are a security concern.
Mark Zuckerberg’s company, Meta, yearly invests a large sum of money in security measures to protect Zuckerberg and his close family from potential threats. Reports show that in a recent SEC filing, the internet giant stated that it has begun chartering a jet for Zuckerberg’s use. The SEC filing shows that social media company Meta spent $27 million on Zuckerberg’s security in 2021, with more than $15 million earmarked for his personal travel. Meta told shareholders the spending is necessary because Zuckerberg is synonymous with Meta and, as a result, negative connotations regarding our company are directly associated with him.
According to media reports, Elon Musk offered Joseph Sweeney $5,000 in exchange for deleting the tracking data. Sweeney reportedly made Musk a counteroffer of $50,000 and an internship. Musk said he’d consider but never contacted Sweeney again.
Eventually, Sweeney was offered a job by an Orlando-based private charter flight firm.