A Saudi Prince Is Quietly Mocking Joe Biden’s Struggling Health

(FreedomBeacon.com)- The Wall Street Journal says that sources within the Saudi government have stated that the country’s leader, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, privately makes fun of blunders made by Joe Biden and has questioned his mental ability to be President of the United States of America.

According to these unnamed sources, MBS did not leave Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia earlier this year feeling particularly enamored with him.

The news was refuted by Prince Faisal, a member of the House of Saud, who stated that these charges made by anonymous sources are inaccurate.

Faisal further asserted that the leaders of the kingdom have consistently shown the utmost respect for the presidents of the United States because the kingdom believes that it is vital to maintain a relationship founded on reciprocal respect.

Saudi Arabia recently verified that Biden attempted to persuade them to lower oil prices until after the midterm elections.

It is not hard to see Saudi elites guffawing at Joe Biden’s gaffes, which are now piling up and sometimes happening multiple times a day.

On Monday, Joe Biden referred to Republicans who support Donald Trump as “mega Republicans” on two separate occasions.

Biden went on to say that Republicans in Congress are still denying financing we need to keep a watchful eye ahead of the following virus outbreak.

During an interview with a transgender “activist” on Sunday, Vice President Biden expressed his belief that it is immoral for states to prohibit the use of puberty blockers in youngsters.

Biden also asserted that his plan to restructure student loans had been approved by Congress, even though this was actually an executive action:

After that, the White House asserted that Biden was referring to the Inflation Reduction Act, even though it is quite evident that he was not:

Where are the fact-checkers?

Ironically, in a video that went viral during Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, he criticizes President Donald Trump for becoming a laughingstock among world leaders.

The text that appears over the imagery reads, “The world is laughing.”

“We require a leader who is revered by all.”

Rewatch that video, Joe.