83 Victims Infected With COVID After Vaccinated Kid Catches It From Vaccinated Relative

(FreedomBeacon.com)- The National File is reporting that a teenager in Tel Aviv vaccinated for COVID-19 contracted the virus from a vaccinated family member and allegedly spread the virus to at least 83 of his peers.

The report, allegedly from Israel’s N12 National News, is unavailable, nor did the National File story provide an originating link.

The National File claims the N12 report attributes the outbreak to a high school party the boy attended. No further details are provided in the National File Report – like place, date, or details of contact tracing that establishes the claim that the teen was COVID Patient Zero.

While this does not prove the report is false, it does make it difficult to confirm the contents of the story. What has never been disputed is that none of the COVID vaccines are 100% effective. Nor do any of the manufacturers claim such a thing.

Last week the Israeli Health Ministry reported that they were seeing a decrease in the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine in preventing infections and symptomatic illness. However, Israeli health officials said the Pfizer shot still remains highly effective in preventing more serious cases of COVID.

From June 6 to July 6, Israel reported a 64 percent drop in the Pfizer vaccine’s effectiveness. At the same time, it is 93 percent effective in preventing hospitalizations and serious illness for those who contract COVID.

In May, Israel’s Health Ministry reported that the 2-dose Pfizer shot provided more than 95 percent protection against infection, hospitalization and severe illness.

In response to Israel’s report, a Pfizer spokesperson declined to comment on the data. However, Pfizer cited other research showing that antibodies elicited by the vaccine were still successful in neutralizing all tested variants – including Delta – though at a reduced strength.

Approximately 60 percent of Israelis have received at least the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. This resulted in a daily case drop from more than ten thousand in January to single digits in June.

In response to the drop in cases, Israel ended nearly all of its COVID guidelines and restrictions only to partially reimpose them when the Delta variant began to spread.