800 Sailors Removed From Navy Over COVID Rules

(FreedomBeacon.com)- As of May 5, the US Navy has discharged over 800 sailors for not complying with the Pentagon’s vaccine mandate.

According to the Navy’s COVID update, 796 active duty and 66 reserve sailors have been honorably discharged for failing to get vaccinated, while there have been 22 Entry Level Separations, bringing the total number of Navy personnel discharged to 884.

Entry Level Separations are given to personnel who separated from the Navy before completing 180 days of active military service.

The US Navy required all active-duty sailors to be fully vaccinated by November 28, 2021, while reserve personnel had until December 28, 2021.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin imposed the vaccine mandate in August of last year, claiming it was necessary for the defense of the American people.

In January, the Navy began discharging sailors for failing to comply with the mandate, and despite the efficacy problems associated with the COVID vaccines, the Navy’s mandate is still in full force and discharges have not let up.

In total, 3,355 active duty and 857 reservists have requested exemptions from the vaccine mandate. Of those, 14 active duty sailors have received a permanent exemption while another 224 received a temporary exemption. Among reservists, only one has received a permanent exemption, while another 86 reservists received a temporary exemption.

The US Marine Corps has been harder hit by the vaccine mandate with 2,117 Marines separated for failing to comply.

The US Army has discharged 505 soldiers refusing the COVID vaccines while the US Air Force has discharged only 351.

As of May 5, 3,951 active duty and 3,291 reservists are still unvaccinated.