70 House Lawmakers Make Shocking Request For National Guard

(FreedomBeacon.com)- A bipartisan group of seventy lawmakers have sent a letter to House and Senate leaders demanding that a deal be reached so the National Guard can be reimbursed by Congress for its five-month long, mostly performative deployment at the Capitol.

The House members, headed up by Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (D-IL) and Congressman Steve Warnock (R-AK) decided to send this letter after the Pentagon and Secretary of the Army warned that the lack of reimbursement from the Federal government could cause delays and cancelations in training.

The DOD leadership warned that without this commitment to reimburse the Guard by July 1, preparations for the annual training and individual duty training assemblies slated for August and September will begin to be canceled.

The letter urges this reimbursement happen immediately to prevent an estimated 15-20% decrease in readiness among the National Guard. The seventy House members call for an agreement on an emergency appropriation in order to fully reimburse the National Guard for the costs of their five-month deployment.

The total cost for the National Guard’s performative occupation of DC clocks in around $521 million.

Last month the House passed a Capitol security bill part of which included funding to reimburse the National Guard for the five-month deployment in DC. But as yet that money cannot be released until after the Senate completes its version of the bill and votes on it.

The letter warns Congressional leadership that the cancelation of these trainings would mean several thousand Army National Guard soldiers will fail to acquire the service time in this fiscal year necessary to “receive credit for a good year toward a military retirement.”

Additionally, ground vehicle and rotary wing operations and maintenance would be halted; facilities will degrade; and critical fire safety projects will be delayed.

The letter also warns that without the reimbursement for this fiscal year, “it will take years to recover our readiness.”

The only way to get the reimbursement paid prior to the Capital Security bill’s passage is for Congressional leadership in both parties to arrive at an agreement on an emergency appropriation.