$400 Million “Embezzlement” Reported By Ukraine Generals

Conspiracy theorist Seymour Hersh is out with another Substack column, this time claiming that Ukrainian officials embezzled at least $400 million in US aid last year.

In his column, Hersh alleges that Ukrainian politicians, including President Volodymyr Zelesnsky, are using aid from the US and its allies to personally enrich themselves.

He also alleges that CIA Director William Burns provided President Zelensky with a list of Ukrainian officials and military officers who are known to be corrupt. According to Hersh, Zelensky got rid of ten of them.

Hersh also claims that there are Ukrainian officials and “senior generals” who are angry that President Zelensky is taking a bigger share of the embezzled funds than they are.

Hersh is also very upset that Ukrainian officials are using US funding to pay handsomely for diesel fuel to keep its military equipment running. However, Hersh admits that he doesn’t know how much Ukraine is paying for it.

Hersh, who is vehemently against the US involvement in helping Ukraine fight off the Russian invasion, recently penned another evidence-free column in which he accused the United States of blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea last September.

Unsurprisingly, the Kremlin quickly seized on his anonymously-sourced column to demand that the US be punished, according to a report from Reuters.

In his February blog post, Hersh alleged that the Navy divers laid the explosive devices. Citing an anonymous source, Hersh said the devices were then triggered remotely, damaging three of the four pipelines carrying natural gas from Russia to Europe.

However, Hersh’s allegations could not be independently corroborated, Reuters reported.

But the Kremlin was eager to believe it.

In a press briefing shortly after the column was published, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov praised Hersh’s column as “remarkable for the depth of analysis.” He said the world must learn the truth about who was behind “this act of sabotage” and called for an “open international investigation.”

Both the Pentagon and the White House flatly denied Hersh’s “reporting,” with the White House describing them as “utterly false and complete fiction.”