157 House Republicans Vote Against Protecting Gay Marriage

(FreedomBeacon.com)- In a largely symbolic and performative move designed to paint Republicans as bigots, the House held a vote last week to “codify” same-sex marriage into Federal law.

Since when has the federal government involved itself in marriage laws? Marriage laws are the responsibility of the states, not the federal government.

In total, 47 Republicans fell for the scam and voted along with the Democrats to enshrine a civil state contract into federal law. The majority of Republicans, 157, weren’t so gullible.

This “Respect for Marriage” Act, along with the idiotic “Right to Contraception Act” that the House passed later in the week, is nothing but a performative campaign ploy disguised as legislation.

In the case of the contraception bill, the Democrats crammed in a bunch of poison pills they knew Republicans would never agree to support, including denying conscience exemptions to healthcare providers.

Rather than vote for a symbolic, performative piece of garbage, Republicans largely voted no. And, like Pavlov’s dogs, the Democrats immediately began to salivate, eagerly telling reporters that Republicans want to deprive women of contraception.

Say, remember when Republicans tried to make contraception an over-the-counter drug and the Democrats sided with Planned Parenthood and stopped them?

Same-sex marriage and contraception are not under any threat from Republican lawmakers.

But the Democrats, desperate to fearmonger over the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, are busy setting up straw men by claiming Republicans are coming for your birth control pills and gay marriages.

It is so transparently craven that it’s hard to believe anybody is falling for it.

But this is what the Democrats do. They stage performative votes on unnecessary legislation just to have a campaign narrative to use against Republicans.

They did the same thing with that anti-lynching legislation.

Lynching was already a crime before that legislation was passed and signed into law. It was entirely unnecessary. But Democrats couldn’t pass up the opportunity to portray any No-voting Republican as “pro-lynching.”

And every time they do this garbage, the media happily plays along.