#1 Profession Of The Most Aggressive Drivers Will SHOCK You

Things continue to get more and more confusing when it comes to the LGBTQ movement and gender identity. Unsurprisingly, the prominent left-wing media network known as CNN continues to enable members of the group, promoting their rhetoric. On August 12th, an article written by Scottie Andrew appeared on the media outlets website outlining something called neopronouns. Apparently, neopronouns are an integral part of quality journalism at CNN- the article was over 1800 words long!

According to the article, neopronouns are words utilized by individuals identifying as transgender or non-binary, allegedly offering these people more flexibility and liberty when it comes to their perceived gender identity. According to Dennis Baron, an emeritus professor of linguistics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, some people who use neopronouns opt to utilize nouns that are unique to the user and not classified in the broader sense of the category. In other words, the words are created by the user, and often utilize nature as a descriptor. Baron told CNN that in some cases individuals may use a noun related to nature, such as “star”, or “leaf”, and instead of saying herself or himself, may replace refer to an individual as “starself” or “leafself”.

The world continues to laugh as America continues to deteriorate at the social, economic, and cultural levels. Illegal immigration has soared to record levels at the southern border, and the enemies of the United States continue to dominate foreign diplomacy. It appears that many people are not so happy with the state of affairs in the United States, and often take their frustrations out while on the highway. In a recent report, it has been reported that doctors are the professional leaders in terms of aggression on the roadways. The article also alleges that hair dressers are the friendliest professionals to operate a motor vehicle. It would be unwise to generalize about individuals driving habits based solely on one’s profession.