$1 Million Worth of Cocaine Discovered Floating Off Florida Ocean

A million dollars worth of cocaine was found off the coast of the Florida Keys, and authorities say that boaters are to blame.

Recreational boaters discovered a package with approximately 21 kg (61 lb) of cocaine packed in a box approximately seven miles (11 km) from the Islamorada coast, a group of islands in the Florida Keys, as announced on Sunday by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department on their official Facebook page.

Crazily, there are videos online showing bald eagles winging through the sky with packages of cocaine in clear plastic bags. Perhaps there should be a sequel to Cocaine Bear— Cocaine Eagle.

Samuel Briggs II, acting chief of the Miami area of the United States Border Patrol, stated that agents of the agency would seize the cocaine. Briggs said they are grateful for the support that they received from Good Samaritans in the community.

Dive teams in Key West, Florida, discovered over a dozen packages of what authorities suspect to be cocaine in the Atlantic Ocean earlier this month. A blue label reading “Nike SB” and the Nike swoosh emblem were prominently visible on the packaging, which was found around 100 feet below the ocean’s surface.

The beachgoers saw a peculiar box in the Florida Keys in May. Nearly 30 kg of cocaine, with a street worth of around $1,000,000, was found within the shipment.

The U.S. Coast Guard seized more than one metric ton of cocaine worth more than $32 million in January from foreign seas in the Caribbean Sea. Following the seizures, six people who were believed to be involved in smuggling were apprehended, according to the United States Coast Guard.

The proximity of South America to Florida and its status as a hub for drug trafficking have led to the discovery of large quantities of cocaine in rivers bordering the state. 

This has led scientists to speculate that “cocaine sharks” are swallowing the drugs while swimming. 

That’s all we need: coked-up sharks.