Steve Bannon Says Audits Will Show Biden Did Not Win

( On his Saturday broadcast, War Room host Steve Bannon predicted that the election audits currently underway would prove that “Joe Biden did not win the 2020 election.”

Watch the segment HERE.

There is no doubt Bannon is correct in saying the news media is in a panic over the Maricopa County audit as well as the possible audit in Fulton County Georgia. As is often said, if the media had nothing to hide, if the claims of widespread fraud were “conspiracy theories,” they would not be trying so hard to discredit any audit into the unprecedented number of absentee ballots.

The facts remain the same. Over-reliance on mail-in balloting opens elections up to unavoidable fraud. This is precisely why mail-in voting is not permitted in most democratic nations.

At the same time, even if the audits in Arizona and Georgia do prove Joe Biden did not win those states, Biden would still have 279 electoral votes remaining – more than the 270 required to win the election.

But if fraud immense enough to change the outcome of these two states is revealed, it will no doubt call into question the results in other contested states — like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania — where counting ceased abruptly only to be restarted late into the night. Which might be the point Bannon is making in this segment.

Bannon does make a good observation about the similarity between the media’s all-hands-on-deck efforts to dismiss claims of voter fraud and its efforts to dismiss the COVID lab leak theory.

The media portray both as “conspiracy theories.”

And their goals were the same as well — to protect the establishment in Washington, to damage President Trump and drive him from office, and finally to benefit the Democrats.

As is often the case, Trump may once again be proven right – both on the lab leak assertion and on his consistent warning that mail-in voting would be a breeding ground for election fraud.

Now that he is out of office, the media may concede the former.

But they will never concede the latter. Especially now that Congressional Democrats are trying to federalize election law and make mail-in balloting the norm.